By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

A Hot Time with the Hotlanta Housewives…
The new RHOA was hot! I loved it when Claudia Jordan gave Shade Queen Nene Leakes, ultimate shade. You see, Nene, has a way of winning arguments by the sheer force of her personality – yelling, screaming, insulting and being a real thug. But Claudia Jordan didn’t go there. As we tell the kids, she used her “inside voice.”She used her words in a classy way resulting in a verbal beat down of Nene. It was amazing to see and timely. You know Nene, she doesn’t like you just because. She’s still a little funny about Cynthia, her long lost friend. Meanwhile, Cynthia is trying to move on but Nene being hangs on to a grudge tightly!

Newcomer Demetria McKinney is a bit too quiet for my taste, but after getting some surprising, unwarranted shade from Phaedra Parks, she bit back. She may hold her own after all. Phaedra called Demetria too old to kick off a singing career and not smart in dealing with her non-committal man, Roger Bob. Initially Demetria held in her frustration, but like most quiet people, the bubbling volcano erupted when least expected. At dinner, Demetria said she was offended by Phaedra’s comments regarding her age, her man and her career. Clearly, she was looking for an apology that was never forthcoming. After Phaedra continued to rationalize her remarks, Demetria snapped, “The only thing we have in common is the number eight – my man has been with me for eight years and your man just went to prison for eight years.” The look on Phaedra’s face was priceless. Score one for the newbie!

Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills…
Personalities are starting to clash. You see, there are two new housewives, Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson. At first, I wasn’t impressed with the choices. But, Lisa Rinna is showing realness by putting Brandi Glanville in her place after seeing her throw wine on Eileen just because. Brandi is this wounded bird that never seems to heal. She’s bitter, angry, spiteful and miserable – and those are her good traits! If you’re a RHOBH fan, you could not have missed “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” which comes on right after RHOBH. Well, Brandi was the guest and although she offends the world every time she opens her mouth, when she was offended, she threw a tantrum. You got to see it, to believe it! Other than the Brandi antics, it was a bit of a bore: mothers crying as their daughters go off to college. Blah, blah, blah!

This is what I want to happen next… New housewives usually have it the toughest – it’s like being pledged. I want to know what Lisa Rinna really thinks. She should stop acting and just be. I love her hustler mentality, but the idea of her doing anything for money (her words) makes it hard to believe that I’m seeing the real her. I noticed her time with Lisa Vanderpump was “let me kiss your a**” . That does not work in the housewives world, where they will eat you up raw and spit you out done.

As for new housewife #2, Eileen Davidson, I still have no idea who she is. No offense but I’m a big General Hospital fan and do not watch her soaps. Being a soap fan, I can tell you that what hooks me is a deep character that continues to peel like an onion. If she wants to make it in Reality TV, she’s got to do the same. So far, I am bored. Work on it Eileen or this may be your first and last season.

Turning to the vets of RHOBH, Kim, what’s up with you? You are also making me yawn. Kyle, I like your upgraded style but I think we need your friend Lisa V. to give you an interesting storyline. Yolanda, I must say, you are very interesting. You are kind with a bit of a bad girl flavor at times. Your life is very lush; I loved seeing Babyface singing in your living room. You are willing to share the “not so good” parts of your life, like your daughter getting a DUI and your struggle with Lyme disease, which makes you real. Lisa Vanderpump, what can I say, you will always be TV-worthy, all of the scenes featuring her home are delicious.

The Celebrity Apprentice…
I love this show. It’s about my favorite subject – business. I have to say this cast would not be nearly as interesting without our girls. This week, they went after each other, Brandi called Kenya’s butt fake. Brandi had a meltdown that Kenya laughed about. It was good! Donald Trump is no fool. He knows if he keeps them around, the drama will be at all-time high.

Marquesa LaDawn is a professional business woman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV.


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