By Marquessa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

In Atlanta (RHOA)
We know the biggest villain is Nene Leakes, who is known for saying just what she feels, no matter what. With her, if it comes up, it comes out. I remember in the early days she was so disliked but you could not help but watch because she was intriguing. She’s still spicy, but a wee bit more controlled. Just a wee bit, mind you.

The focus now is on the battle between the new housewives and the older ones. The battle lines were drawn – and crossed – in the most recent episode. Interestingly, Cynthia, one of the older housewives, sided with the new housewives. It made sense when you think about it. She is still being mistreated by Nene. Over what? We’ll never know.

Kenya Moore is quickly closing in on Nene is the nasty department. If you say the wrong thing to her, she will try to throw you overboard in a New York second. Remember the throw-down with Porsha during the most recent reunion?

Maybe it’s because she’s going through a lot right now, but Phaedra Parks is also becoming a bit of a villain. Did you see how she attacked new housewife Demetria? After Demetria responded this week by apologizing to Phaedra by addressing her “situation,” Phaedra did not return the gesture.

Of course, no conversation about villains would be complete without mentioning Kandi’s mom, Joyce. Since the ladies are in another country, Joyce hasn’t been seen on the screen lately. And maybe that’s a good thing. I’m excited about our newest villain, Claudia Jordan, one the few who can take on Nene and win. I can hardly wait for the upcoming episodes. If you are willing to admit that you watch the various “housewives” on TV, you may as well admit that villains keep us watching every week.

The “bad girls” in Beverly Hills (RHOBH)
I think Kim read my column from last week because she went from boring to very interesting. Maybe too interesting. I hope she did not have a relapse After initially feeling vulnerable for attending a housewife wine tasting, she switched to her cray-cray mode. She’s a bad girl when she drinks, which makes Kyle way more interesting because, as the big sister, Kyle has to respond and often has no clue about what to do. Her response this week caused #1 bad girl Brandi Glanville to nearly come to blows with Kyle. In Brandi’s head, she was protecting Kim. More on that next week.

My girl, Lisa Rinna, is starting to become more interesting by sharing her “real thoughts” off camera and on. She’s not quite a bad girl yet but she has potential. Lisa Vanderpump, is a bit of a “bad girl,” but for some reason, she has a classy way of showing it. I don’t know how to explain it but, I bet she doesn’t, either. Based on previews, it looks like Lisa is getting Kyle, her bat girl, back next week. I saw Kyle on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen and she’s still salty. This will make for a wildly interesting season.

Fireworks on Celebrity Apprentice
More on the Real Housewives wearing “bad girl” cape. RHOA Kenya Moore and RHOBH Brandi Glanville were unbelievable on this week’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Let’s just say the housewives stole the show. It really looked like they had potential to work in peace but, again, the bad girl in each reared her ugly head.

By way of background, Kenya did a good job as project manager this week, something Brandi will never admit. On their second project, Kenya and Brandi, had to work together. The task ended in a win for them but was there tension galore every step of the way. It peaked in the board room in front of Donald Trump and both teams.

Kenya insulted Brandi in the most hurtful way. She hit below the belt by mentioning Leann Rhymes. And that was just the beginning. After complaining about Brandi’s non-involvement, Kenya said, “That’s why your husband left you for a younger and prettier woman.” Even The Donald, who can say some pretty nasty things himself, had to roll his eyes. The reality about this reality twosome is that they are similar – angry, insecure, impulsive, damaged and carrying around hurt that never healed. They wreak havoc on others without examining their own negative behavior. As they say, “hurt people hurt.” I didn’t mean to get Dr. Phil on you, but it’s true. I hope they both heal someday and become a better version of themselves. But in the meantime, they make good TV.

Marquesa LaDawn is a professional business woman who escapes the pressures of living in New York City by retreating into the real world of reality TV.


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