By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist 

It was wild and crazy week in Housewives Land. Let’s start with #RHOA, which had a big episode. They picked up on Apollo’s rant as he left home for the Big House. Or, should I say, Jailhouse? It’s sooo sad when I think of how defiant Phaedra was when it came to her marriage to Apollo. She was all in and not budging, in spite of the various red flags. But, as soon as he got arrested, she could not wash him out of her life fast enough. I get it, you love and then you leave. But, deep down, I don’t believe Phaedra 100 percent. Why? She’s a smart woman when it comes to business, too smart not to notice all the money that was being spent by her hubby. If I had a hubby with that background, I would be on him like white on rice. On second thought, I wouldn’t have a hubby like that. I think if Phaedra was more open with her emotions and less stoic, I would trust her more.

I have to say that I’m excited about the possibility of her seeing a Mr. Chocolate. Longtime housewives fan notice how the tide quickly shifts. You see, Phaedra was great at bad talking other housewives when they considered mysterious suitors. Now, she’s in the hot seat. I will stay tuned, as always. Perhaps the chocolate may just melt.

On to my other face in #RHOA land, Kenya Moore, who’s getting attacked from so many places, all at one time. Where should I start? Where does anyone start? First, let’s try the blogosphere, where play, movie, whatever is being exposed as a sham.

There was a claim made by “Fresh Prince of Bell-Air” actress Janet Hubert, one of the actors in this production. Supposedly, this was just a fake production that yielded fake pay. I guess we will see. I enjoy Kenya in the mix with others. The whole production thing is kind of a bore. It’s funny, because you can see Kenya wants a piece of Vivica A. Fox’s life, her nemesis on #CA, the movie star part. I bring up Vivica famous beef on #CelebrityApprentice

Bored or not, I am curious about Kenya confronting Phaedra over her mystery man. You see, Kenya is still irked about Phaedra calling her a whore and other unflattering names. She’s really hurt that after Apollo, her husband, admitted he lied on Kenya, she never got an apology or at least a sincere one from Phaedra. She has a major ax to grind, which should surprise no one. I will say that having fast talking Claudia as a buddy works to her advantage; even Cynthia is proving to be a great asset.

The Queen of RHOA, Nene, appeared on #WWHL with my girl, Tracie Ellis Ross and boy did she spill some tea. Nene’s pretty bold about reacting if she feels shamed or attacked and #bravo via #andycohen can do that in a charming way. Everybody’s talking about Nene’s poor hair choices and like any woman, she’s embarrassed. Don’t know if she’s more embarrassed about the hair or the talking. My guess is that she’ll get it right eventually. I just wish she’d figure out who she wants to be. I saw her interview with Meredith , and whoa! All of a sudden, I was introduced to Nene trying to be someone else. I will just say although she shared her back story in a big way, she at times lacked being authentic, trying to be a character of herself. You’ve gotta watch it. She’s a work in progress, like the rest of us.

In #RHOBH land, …last week built on the previous week of Kim being the center of discussion. In short, she’s in denial about her addiction and everyone around her is trying to figure out what to do. I’m getting bored. This was the storyline three years ago. If Brandi wasn’t acting up, I wouldn’t watch. I heard a rumor that Brandi is considering leaving the housewives, yeah right. That show makes her relevant. Right now, she’s feeling vulnerable from all the attacks from the other housewives and #celebrityapprentice; Just think about it, she may garner a lot of screen time, but she’s always the bad guy, and she’s playing herself. Gotta Love Brandi!

I’m in tears over #CelebrityApprentice ending… It was so good. The housewives created drama like true professionals and the second female celebrity apprentice winner emerged, Leeza Gibbons. She doesn’t know it yet, but Leeza would make a fabulous housewife although she has a bit of a Stepford Wives vibe. I loved how she told the story about being invited to Brandi’s housewarming not realizing it was being taping for the show.

She popped in and then out with her hubby in tow. When she was asked about being Brandi’s friend, she dodged that question with a silent no. It’s important from a career perspective that she’s not put into reality TV world too much. But, Leeza can I say, it was reality TV that made you hot again, so don’t kick it too much.

During the final episode, Kenya was asked one more time about #phonegate. Did you steal Vivica’s phone? Of course she said, no. Several cast members recommended a lie detector test. No matter what they say, Donald Trump, the housewives made your show relevant! Go girls!!

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