By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

The Real Housewives in Atlanta were sassy, sarcastic and sneaky this week – and that was just the beginning. Kandi decided to drop by her friend Phaedra’s house to check in and invite her to a dinner with all of the housewives. Did you notice the hypocrisy on Kandi’s part? She says in her off-camera interview that Phaedra did not want to talk about her husband and the surrounding drama. But getting Kandi to talk about anything relating to her family is like pulling teeth, so she shouldn’t be surprised.

Given that reality, I’ll talk about Phaedra’s business for her. As we all know Apollo Nida is sitting in jail reflecting and I hear missing his kids like crazy. But, before he checked in for his 8- year prison stint, left a bombshell behind: Phaedra (my wife) is cheating on me with some guy and the proof is here in the texts I took from her phone.

Phaedra denies having an affair and I have to admit, I’m straddling on the fence on whether to believe Phaedra. I have trust issues and she does not have a history of truth-telling in past seasons. I know you’re thinking: How could I believe Apollo, the jailbird husband, over Phaedra. I didn’t say I said. It’s just that she brilliantly deflected (or at least tried to) Apollo’s claim by sharing her fears. Little did she know, the rumor went from Peter to his wife, Cynthia, then to Claudia and Kenya. We all know that means drama is sure to follow

I have to say when Phaedra does something, she does it big.

Exhibit A in that department: Two big security guards, changing all the locks, a security fence around the yard, a new assistant, some type of folks that cleared out the evil spirits in her home and the list goes on.

Fast forward to the dinner. They may have eaten in a Brazilian themed restaurant with lots of meat, but nothing had more spice than their exchanges.

Cynthia timidly kicks off the conversation by sharing what she’s heard and Kenya can hardly wait to volunteer her thoughts. Then, it happens, Kenya speaks, Phaedra motions as if to throw her bag at Kenya but pulls back and exits the restaurant. Team A joined her (Nene, Porsha and Kandi followed a few steps behind).

Meanwhile, Team B got up to exit as well (Claudia, Kenya, Demetria and Cynthia), a few words where exchanged, and then Nene reminded Phaedra to leave before she puts her legal career in jeopardy. The they were all gone. Looks like next week will pick up with more craziness. Wonder what will be the desert?

 The Housewives of Beverly Hills served up the spiciest meal, which I will get to later.

Can I say how much I enjoyed Amsterdam? The bicycles, the windmills, the fancy, brightly colored hotels, the “special cake” places (who new), but I experienced it all via the RHBH. But, we all know a trip abroad of any housewives franchise leads to much drama. I got a lot to say about the dinner, so grab your coffee and listen in.

Yolanda, the perfect one, tried to start the evening off with a “let’s get closer” talk by revealing something near and dear. Lisa R. begins to share her deeply painful memory of losing her sister to drugs and Kim was on the attack!

Shoot, aim, fire…

Victim #1: Lisa R.

Kim begins to attack Lisa’s husband by hinting about a deep dark secret. Lisa’s reaction: Glass thrown with wine in it. Lisa missed Kim but still she was irked!

Victim #2: Eileen

Kim calls her beast for interjecting. Eileen responds with, I don’t like you either.

Victim #3: Kyle (her sister)

Kyle wants Kim stop it, but is met with: You are so non-supportive!

Victim #4: Lisa V

Lisa says Kyle does provide support you. Of course, Kim ignores her and rants about feeling attacked.

Everyone leaves the room except Kim, Brandi and Yolanda. Kim stood there like Muhammed Ali and felt like she knocked out all of her enemies.

Of course the ladies all left in tears (the victims) and retreated for the night – shocked and horrified.

Knock, knock…

It’s Kim at Kyle’s door in the morning. The look on Kyle’s face was priceless. She let her in, listen to her excuse-based apology and that was that.

This was one heck of a dinner. I felt spoiled – we got two big crazy dinners in one week and I barely saw any food!

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