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Gossip in the Air

This week in Atlanta it was all about friendships, complicated love and lots of gossip…RHOA’s Kandi just wants a happy marriage, not an unreasonable goal for a newlywed. The challenge for the Buress marriage, however, is they are not “handling” their issues. Why is it that smart businesswomen are not so smart in love? Todd, admitted during the counseling session that he’s not excited about the marriage, which is now showing up in the bedroom. He loves Kandi – or so he says – but between Mama Joyce’s insults and lack of accountability along with the pre-nuptial agreement wedding ultimatum, he’s not happy. He actually said being out of Atlanta and working feels better. Ouch! You could see the embarrassment and shock on Kandi’s face as she heard this. But Kandi, at least he’s talking and wants to work things out.

On another front, Kandi, you need to talk to your friends, let them know you are focused on your married life right now and need space. This secretive nature is biting you in the butt! Phaedra, Porsha and Nene are feeling like you do not have Phaedra’s back as you normally do. On top of that, you are not being honest. I get not repeating Apollo’s accusations regarding infidelity as his wife. But, to say you didn’t know anything about that or hadn’t heard anything at the same time your husband confirms that you heard it, looks bad. But, I will compliment you on not talking to Mama Joyce about anything personal. This may be the biggest lesson for her yet!

Speaking of the ladies talking, Cynthia reached out to Phaedra to clear things up. I knew this was not a good idea; it’s too soon. You can’t out the rumor in one dinner and apologize for outing it in another. Anyway, Phaedra showed up looking for an apology, which was unrealistic. I agree with Cynthia that the rumor was not started by her so she should not own it. But, I do think her not taking responsibility for sharing it, and expecting Phaedra to understand was crazy. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I love the new Cynthia. Yes, she’s being messy, but outspoken. She has a right to her opinion and she’s sharing it. Why is it that folks have self-induced amnesia? Phaedra has always been outspoken and shared her opinion without “fact checking.” Do I think some of Cynthia’s behavior comes from her anger toward the demise of her friendship with Nene? Yes. But, I also think she was tired of the criticism of not having an opinion and changing her limited views on a dime. I will say this, Cynthia is not going anywhere – she’s solidified her housewives spot by constantly surprising us!

The episode ended with the ladies agreeing to a session with Dr. Jeff.

In RHBH land, Yolanda realizes even her dear home of Amsterdam cannot calm the housewives. Only problem, Lisa R, who claimed she would never engage Kim again (even post-apology) decides to go shopping with Kim and Brandi. Really

Next scene, the boat became “the love boat.” The ladies start off in an awkward way, just sitting and looking, not sure what to say. Then, Kyle and Yolanda head over to the bar and are joined by Lisa V. and begin talking about the awkwardness. Left at the table are Kim, Brandi, Eileen & Yolanda, being step ford like, for a bit a least.

Then, Brandi opens her mouth and the awkward flag is lifted! Irked, Eileen defends herself against comments by Brandi, very well I should say. Eileen speaks the truth, Kim and Brandi speak well – they speak something. Eileen says Brandi is mean and I was shocked to see that Brandi accepted it.

Then the other housewives return … Brandi’s familiar behavior returns and Kim jumps in with her “defensive” comments. Eileen says to Kim, “Kim sue me for giving a damn” was priceless.

The shocker was Brandi revealing a past transgression of Eileen’s – an affair. Kim is loving it! Then, the fight is on! Yolanda leaves and goes to the other table and decides to eat. Yolanda, I love you, but, if you do not like drama – get off of reality TV Then Lisa V. joins her while the other ladies are still going at it!

Kyle reminds Brandi, get out of sisters’ business, but her words fall on deaf ears and everyone leaves the table except Brandi, Kyle and Kim. The new very vocal Kyle, tells Brandi, I do not want to be your friend and she leaves. Brandi wants to jump in the water and Kim starts crying a river! This is a moment! Peacemaker Yolanda, invites Brandi and Kim to eat and they begin to eat! Then, it turns into the ‘love boat,” a bunch of insincere compliments, with a few real ones thrown in.

It ends with a love fest! I love the drama and at times, I love the peace.

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