By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

This week in Atlanta, it was shade central

Phaedra left her nest to visit new BFF Porsha, and things got quite heated in the kitchen. Not just from the shade-filled conversation but whatever Porsha was cooking on the stove. It was sausage, really, you know the kind you heat up. After getting over the cooking shock, I could not believe the conversation. It’s no secret that Phaedra is irked at Cynthia and every chance she gets, she’s dissing her. But, this series of insults was low even for Phaedra. I hate to say it, direct your anger at the real person, your husband. Porsha loves every minute since Cynthia is not her favorite person. I do think it makes sense for them to bond, Porsha dealt with major hubby drama last season. Now, it’s Phaedra’s turn.

Speaking of husband drama, Kandi is focused on keeping hers, but someone please tell her, she’s got to listen. Every time she asks Todd to share his heart, he says the same thing and Kandi responds the same way. He says: You brush everything under the rug. She says: Nothing and rolls her eyes.

My new favorite housewife, Claudia, got some screen time and it was very entertaining. In case you haven’t heard, she wants to try her hand at stand up comedy. But, the master comedian herself, Luenelle, had me rolling. She’s busy dishing out advice to Claudia on bringing out the comedian in her and she finishes drink one, begins to drink the next one and forgets to remove the plastic from the straw. Claudia says: “Don’t put that plastic in your mouth.” Lunette responds with oh, “I thought it was a condom” (paraphrased). Yes, that really happened. My advice: Stand up is not for either on them.

Queen Nene herself decides to visit her new BFF Phaedra and boy oh boy did she make an entrance. Nene had her Don King wig with curls on and scared everyone, at least us viewers. Nene provides Phaedra an earful and would you believe we see sincerity. Also. we finally, we get to see the vulnerable side of Phaedra, it was beautiful. Too bad the wrong “friend” brought it out. I love Nene, but she has a pattern of liking you as long as you do what she tells you. Of course, Nene could not leave without shade being thrown on why Kandi is a bad friend.

Back to Queen Nene, the counseling session with Dr. Jeff, who happens to be my neighbor, starts off with Nene sharing what she thinks is wrong and everyone listens. Then the housewives respond one by one and you can see Nene beginning to implode. Nene is confused that she’s not leading the session. Dr. Jeff reminds Nene that the session is for everyone and that means equal ground. Nene disagrees and insult #1 comes out toward Dr. Jeff.

First, Kenya speaks about her feelings about Nene. Bottom line, I thought we squashed the drama. Not so, says Nene, who reminds her: “We are not friends.”

Claudia speaks – the first time we meet you diss me. Nene responds – (paraphrased); I have to get you before you get me. An argument starts and Dr. Jeff stops it.

Cynthia reminds Nene that she did not appreciate her calling her husband a B*tch. Of course, Nene tries to rationalize it. Cynthia calls her out on her behavior, and Nene responds with insults #6 & #7.

Twitterverse and some of the blogs are hating on Cynthia and her new ’tude, but I like it, she found her voice so deal with it!

Kandi tells Nene she’s territorial and let’s her know she feels like the other ladies. Reminds her she throws friendsaway.

Now, Nene, leaves, she can’t handle the heat. Dr. Jeff runs after her. The ladies discuss why they are not surprised.

This week in Beverly Hills Brandi lands back in the drama drivers seat

In Amsterdam, the ladies head back to Beverly Hills and Yolanda and Brandi meet at a spa. I love the 14 Karat gold facial Brandi received, it just seemed to make her face look a bit rubberish. Yolanda decided to try again and Brandi breaks down, already emotional from her father being ill. She’s not trying to hear how she’s disappointed someone, I have to give it to Yolanda for staying loyal. We all need a friend like that.

The sisters settle in and within the first hour, the argument begins and the real feelings come out. Kyle shares the “intervention” plan with her and Kim is shocked. It’s emotional and uncomfortable. I was happy to see them hug it out after the argument.

I have to say that I’m so excited to see the New York Housewives return soon with my favorite, Bethany Frankel. Did you hear? In the Real Housewives of New Jersey world, Joe may be cheating on Teresa, I will keep my ears to the ground.

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