By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

Atlanta Housewives took a break this week because of the Super Bowl. Hey, I can appreciate big sporting events but, I still needed and wanted my Housewives. If Luther Vandross were still alive, he might sing, “A house is not house and unless the Housewives are playing there…”

The Housewives were not playing in Beverly Hills, Super Bowl or no Super Bowl. Three words sum up the Beverly Hills Housewives: addiction, old wounds, family. Okay, that’s four words, but who’s counting. You see, Kim Richards deals with an addiction to alcohol, which often takes her through many ups and downs. Not surprisingly, this has taken a toll on her relationships, especially her relationship with her sister, Kyle Richards.

Addicts love company, which led to a tight bond between us. She is addicted to alcohol and I am addicted to seeing her addicted to alcohol. Hey, don’t judge me. Kim’s addiction has – I can’t believe I’m saying this – also broken Brandi Glanville. It’s co-dependency101.

Brandi has many things going for her but emotional intelligence is not one of them. She’s what the fellas mean when they say, “Body by Fischer, Mind by Mattel.” For those not old enough to know, Fischer was noted for building outstanding automobile bodies. Of course, Mattel is a toymaker. It I have to explain more than that, they may be describing you in the same manner. Behind your back, of course. Back to Brandi, she just says and does whatever strikes her fancy at the time. This includes throwing wine in your face, slapping you, cursing you, making sexual innuendos at the wrong time and the list continues.

Bottom line: Kim and Brandi are a dangerous pair. But, there’s one upside and that’s Kyle Richards is finally speaking her mind. Finally. It only took 5-plus seasons.

Celebrity Apprentice was on fire!!!! I was on Facebook and Twitter @realitytvgirl and everyone was watching. It was the most shocking episode ever and I’ve seen them all. Only a housewife can accomplish that. I’m just sayin…
Take Atlanta Housewife Kenya Moore, movie star Vivica Fox, and throw The Donald into the mix and that’s the definition spontaneous combustion.

First, let me give you the back story on Kenya and Vivica. During this episode in particular, Kenya’s goal was to shame Vivica. It began while they were on the streets of NYC shooting an advertising campaign. As project director, Kenya made a butt of herself by focusing on butts, literally. And that caused Kenya to butt heads with Vivica.

To keep a short story short, Kenya felt Vivica’s butt was not slim enough to be in the main part of the campaign; instead she thought Vivica was more suited for carrying her coat. You could see the frustration in V’s face as she worked through the task. Kenya, of course, had to include a photograph of her lucious booty in the commercial.

Add to that a tweet being sent out under Vivica’s name saying she was dealing with hot flashes from menopause and she feels 50 ain’t sexy. Oh, it gets better. That tweet was sent after Vivica’s phone had been stolen. Though she staunchly denies it, many people, including me, believe Kenya (love you Kenya) did it. It was a movie and reality TV all rolled into one. I was screaming at the TV during the episode.

The drama continued in the boardroom. The Donald fired Kenya. As soon as the words “you’re fired” were uttered, V she was so happy that cried and went to church without leaving the room.. Brandi Glandville, the other Housewife, was also shown the revolving door. This was my Super Bowl – minus the overhyped halftime. Since I couldn’t see my Atlanta Housewives last week, this was a desperately needed alternative.

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