By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

The Housewives did not disappoint; it’s all about facing your issues head on. Can we talk my friends?

Over in Atlanta, our slightly imbalanced (gotta love her) Kenya shared her shady plans for a show mirroring her arch-enemies – Nene, Porsche and Phaedra. She evidently duped a major producer into listen. What gives? Then, we heard the He Said/She Said Saga’s of Phaedra and Apollo:

She Said: “Should I take my sons to see their father in prison? I don’t want them around that crowd. I do not see myself meandering around prisons without being paid for it?

My take: Really, what about your sons? Remember what your friend, the doctor, said: They will hold being away from their father against you someday. Phaedra, you married Apollo knowing he was an ex-con. Do not play that card now, not at the cost of you sons knowing their father.

He Said: “I want to see my children, just not sure what she will do when I’m behind bars.”

My take: Come on Apollo, take some responsibility. Be more empathetic and treasure your time with your kids. ‘Woe is me’ time is over. You are father, so own it!

Speaking of “She said,” the Queen Diva housewives, Nene Leakes, said, “It’s an accomplishment to be a wife.”

By inference, she is saying all single women are losers. Claudia had the best retort: By this logic, are we to believe that Nene thinks she is better than Condoleeza Rice, Oprah Winfrey and Jill Scott because she “accomplished” getting married to Gregg Leakes? That’s just a silly statement made by a silly person. Any healthy relationship, including marriage, is an accomplishment. But “Mrs.” for the same of being “Mrs.,”not so much.

I loved when people face issues head-on, as Claudia did when she called out Porsha for accepting really big gifts from her men instead of earning them. Porsha responded by shutting Claudia down at her industry party. You have to admire Claudia for going into the lion’s den without hesitating. The result? A heated conversation, mutual hate, and entertaining TV.

On more thing from the Atlanta front…Kandi must understand that the viewers are not happy with the mother/daughter/husband dynamic in her family, especially after Todd’s mom passed.

On the Beverly Hills front, the “Sister – Sister” diaries continue, Kim is still addicted and Kyle, her sister, is fed up and not taking on all the responsibility any more – I luv it!

Kim’s buddy these days, Brandi, is still in full force. She’s being confronted by all the other housewives over, well, coming between sisters. Like the Brandi, we know, she attacks Yolanda, her most supportive housewife. And she attacks big by going after Yolanda’s daughter.

Another bombshell of the quiet type , Lisa Vanderpump can actually be vulnerable. Maybe not when it comes to friends. When it comes to her children, however, she is a ball of emotions. It was refreshing to see her show her softer side. After all, anyone would be emotional over their adopted child looking for their biological parents.

One more thing before we leave Beverly Hills, the new RHOBH, Eileen and Lisa Rinna, are bringing it! No more hiding behind the acting gate. They are now showing the real person underneath. I‘m loving it!

Can we drop by New Jersey by way of prison?

Yes, I’m talking about it, it’s been 40 days and RHONJ head diva is settled in behind bars. Well, as settled as you can be in prison. I’m hearing her skin is breaking out because of cheap makeup and her hair is not adapting well to the hair color products she’s using. The good news is that she’s cooking her recipes in the prison kitchen leading to fab meals for the inmates. Well, before you judge, she is a Housewife and, yes, we care.

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