By Marquesa LaDawn
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This week in Atlanta, it was all about feelings, tears and jeers. Nene may be gone, but the ladies continue to share their feelings, cry and shift their relationships. Along the way, we heard some bug truths. Porsha admitted to bring bullied by her husband. Everybody knew that before she did.

Kenya admitted to never getting over the rejection she feels from her mother never loving her. That explains a lot, right? The ladies apologized and listened to each other.

Kandi was raw for saying, “Stop kissing Nene’s a**,” and so much more and so much more that was refreshing. I like this side of Kandi.

As for Nene waling out in a huff and Dr. Jeff chasing her and begging her to stay, let’s face it, she is good at dishing it out, but not taking her lumps. Remember, this is how Kim Zolciak (now Biermann) left the show. She stopped talking and kept avoiding scenes with the other housewives or left the scenes in a huff. Kim got her own show. Is that’s what Nene is angling for?

Let’s not forget that Nene had a mini spinoff based on her remarriage to Greg. It had a purpose, and an interesting cast. I use the word “interesting” lightly. Let’s face it, Nene is one of our favorite villain housewives. That personality only comes out when she’s around people she can’t control.

It was nice seeing the couples hang out, Cynthia and her man and Kandi and her man. Kandi is finally becoming interesting, so proud. Phaedra finally begins to share her heart. It’s been a slow process after several seasons but sometimes it takes hardship of some type to finally let go. She spoke to Sara, TD Jakes daughter. I thought it was interesting that she opened the conversation by putting Sara’s business out there. I think that made her feel better about her own woes. There’s still work to be done.

Kenya’s play or screen play had its first table read. Not much to say about that. But, I do miss her in scenes. Another housewife I miss in scenes (fun scenes), Claudia. Looks like she enjoys the counseling. Dr. Jeff chatted with her a bit on her next steps. Well, this led to Claudia planning a trip to the Philippines. Since the ladies are divided, Claudia recruited Porsha to ask her buddies (Nene and Phaedra) to come along. Spoiler: Guess who will not be there.

This episode ended with Phaedra starting the process of divorcing Apollo. No surprise there. Only thing, she seems determined to not take her children to see their prison based father. I loved that the lawyer asked her that million dollar question: Why did you marry an ex-con? The excuses came pouring in. Bottom line, she married him and had two kids, she can’t erase that, no matter how hard she tries.

Speaking of love lives, Kenya appeared on The Millionaire Matchmaker this week. I was expecting the love match to be unsuccessful, with Kenya’s history and last week’s effort by Patti to find love for past Atlanta housewife Sheree. However, Patti was successful and Kenya got a hunk of a man. Let’s see if she keeps him around!

This was the final episode of RHOBH, which by definition meant high drama. Sisters Kyle and Kim tried to end their time together alone on good terms at Kyle’s Palm Springs home. I found it interesting that Kim said, she wants her sister to respect that she’s a healthy older sister. But, the world knows she’s not. I started off this housewives season wondering why Kim was still on the show. Now, that question is answered several times over, she brings drama!

If you’ve been a fan of the Real Housewives franchise for long enough, you know each finale must have a party! Past RHOBH housewife, Adrianne volunteered and threw a fabulous one! One problem: Adrianne was barely in it, poor thing.

Kim Richards is focused on finding out if her new BFF Brandi was also talking about an intervention behind her back. Lisa R. had to light this fire. So the party starts off with Kim demanding answers, she avoids asking Brandi, her buddy.

At one point, an emotional Brandi is having a fit as she speaks with Lisa. I do agree that Lisa can hold one heck of a grudge. I also agree that Brandi is a big baby.

Back to Kim confronting Lisa R. who is determined to not answer Kim’s questions. Lisa’s scared, wouldn’t you be after her last attack in Amsterdam. Then things get hotter when Lisa V., Kyle and Yolanda joined the conversation. I had to giggle… Kim accuses Lisa R. of ruining her reputation, really? After Kim leaves the table, the ladies persuade Lisa R. to speak up.

After pushing back a few times, she caves and tells Kim Richards what she does not want to hear. Kim of course becomes mean and testy and literally screams at Lisa R. Kathy Hilton, the third sister, just stares, she probably thinking about all that money she has to spend.

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