By Marquesa LaDawn
NNPA Columnist

While most of the nation has been buried under mountains of snow and slapped in the face by sub-freezing temperatures, noting has been colder than friendships among the RHOBH in warm, sunny California this season.

Even the housewives finding out they where going to Amsterdam didn’t stem the drama. Just imagine being on a private jet with Babyface when the queens enter and start throwing their verbal knives. Kim Richards was egged on by Brandi as usual and got deep into her feelings and let Lisa R. have it. Her poor sister Kyle, just sat there in shock. Once that passed, it seemed like a somewhat peaceful ride.

Brandi heard it all and defended herself in her usual way. You know Brandi, a/k/a Ms. Attack. But let’s face it, she makes the show. We have a love/hate relationship with her. She had her buddies Kim Richards and Yolanda back her up for a while. But, she really needs no one and she brings the fireworks like no other!

Kim was in the hot chair as well, and it got real emotional. Put emotions and women in the same room and you got fire! All I want to know is, does she ever accept any responsibility for anything?

The newbies, Lisa R. and Eileen, held their own and kept it real and honest. It’s refreshing seeing Lisa R, so real. I love it! She tries so hard to be the nice girl but it’s impossible in the RHOBH world. She said on WWHL with Andy Cohen, that she is happy to have survived the reunion but it was not easy. I loved that viewers, when polled, let her know that she is the right one in the Kim Richards battle.

Lisa V, felt good to not be the main victim this round. It will be interesting to see how vocal she is after experiencing so much pain the previous season.

Kyle, was rumored to be one of the most emotional at the reunion with the sister drama this season. I was so proud of how she owned her own feelings. She had to let her mixed up and sometimes alcoholic sister deal with her own stuff. Kyle, who is normally quiet with her real feelings, let it out this season. You get a gold star Kyle!

Yolanda, stayed for a while at the reunion and supported Brandi as usual but had to leave because of her illness. First of all, I’m praying for Yolanda, I hate that she’s dealing with this lyme disease. Aside from her incredible strength, I admire how she’s been able to position herself as the “queen of nice” on the show but still have a voice. Don’t get me wrong, she’s had her moments, but in most scenes, she living the life with a wonderful successful husband, a beautiful home, a sexy yoga instructor, with the best of everything, including celebrity friends. And she’s so darn modest. She’s able to participate in just a bit of the drama and she’s loyal to a fault, Brandi, anyone? Ok, I’ll stop being jealous. Love ya Yolanda!

Here’s an inside scoop: the RHOBH reunion was just taped and my source tells me it was the juiciest reunion broadcast in years. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the Oscars pre-empted RHOA, but we were teased with a peek of what’s coming next. It was real chilling to hear Apollo say, “ I’m now going asunder.” Wow! Translation: He going to prison. Still, he projected a chipper attitude along the way.

Chipper is not how I would describe his wife, Phaedra. She hired a security team. Yep, she did, and seemed relieved that he was gone. It was kinda sad.

Over in Kenya land, Cynthia shared the Mr. Chocolate as being Phaedra’s lover rumor and well hell broke loose and the scene ended. I suspect Kenya feels that Phaedra is a hypocrite and she plans to tell her so. After all, the ladies did call Kenya a loose lady all season, or less flattering words that effect. What they will say next?

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