Fairview started playfully enough as Beverly scurries around the house, preparing for her mothers’ 80th  birthday party. Her husband, Dayton, though a bit clueless, tries to make her happy. While her wine, loving sister, played by the always entertaining Shannon Dorsey, sashays about. We are introduced to their teenaged daughter, Keisha, who is suspiciously perfect and left on a limb awaiting the arrival of “Mama.” 

Only to be knocked off balance by the emergence of an intrusive presence. Cynicism and racial prejudices ensue, spillover, though they’re never fully unpacked. Theatrics of a different kind, Fairview, employs a unique method of storytelling that’s both refreshing and interactive. Winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, these provocative, wacky characters take the audience on a ride that opens doors to difficult questions and deeper conversations. A  challenge to live with more empathy and intentionality lies at the end.

Fairview closes this weekend on October 6, 2019. Check out the Woolly Mammoth website for ticket information and to learn more about their upcoming performances.

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