Our school is one of the most unique schools in the region. We focus on developing skills in journalism and media arts, real world application, and having a voice in the community.

Richard Wright provides rich, balanced, and diverse opportunities to all students, supporting the mission and vision of the school, fostering intellectual, cultural, social growth, and promoting physical health and wellness. Students participate in various clubs, sports, activities, events, and trips that encourage students to utilize mental and physical practical application of concepts, skills, and processes they are continually learning both in and beyond the classroom.

From professional organizations in the media industry, distinguished colleges and national educational associations, visiting artists and journalists, to an end of the year multimedia gala event, RWPCS continually provides unique opportunities for its students to enhance, supplement, and stimulate each student’s life holistically.

The innovative programs and practices executed with consistency and efficacy by a dedicated, caring, and hardworking staff builds a working, learning environment that fosters creativity and exploration which students are excited to be a part of, the results demonstrated in a myriad of ways. Richard Wright aims to fortify its young people with the resounding impact of the education, to transform their lives and those around them, and uphold the vision of “re-writing the future, one student at a time.”

Our Mission

The mission of Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts is to transform students in grades 8-12 into well-versed media contributors by providing a student-centered environment that connects them to the classics and modern languages and a curriculum focused on strong writing skills and vocabulary.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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