Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons via Gobonobo
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons via Gobonobo

A South Florida city has reversed its ban on “saggy pants” after critics said it disproportionately targeted Black men.

The Opa-locka City Commission voted Wednesday to end the 13-year-old ban and 2013 ordinance that allowed authorities to hand out civil citations to people wearing pants that showed their boxer shorts or other undergarments, CNN reported.

“I was never in support of it, even as a resident,” Vice Mayor Chris Davis, who sponsored the repeal, told the Miami Herald. “I felt it disproportionately affected a certain segment of our population, which is young, African American men.”

The 2007 resolution initially stated men could be cited for wearing sagging pants in city buildings and parks, while the 2013 ordinance made changes to include women and public spaces, CNN reported. It also expanded the law to include a fine of up to $500.

“Since its inception, this law disproportionately affected certain segments of our population, including Black and brown men and women,” the city explained in a statement, according to the outlet. “The Commission agreed to repeal the law opting for a less aggressive approach of educating our constituents to encourage proper dress.”

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