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With Barbados’ male population being depleted by gun violence, the country can ill afford to lose more to same-sex unions. This is one other argument, religious leader Paul Leacock is using, against the government’s proposal to legally recognize same-sex unions in Barbados.

Speaking to members of the media Saturday on the sidelines at the Family-Faith-Freedom Barbados 4th March and Rally, Leacock maintained that making this move would bring about psychological, economical and sociological difficulties in Barbados.

“We cannot compromise the health of our nation with what we have seen as a result of same-sex civil unions in other jurisdictions,” Leacock said.  “We cannot afford to lose more men. We are seeing our men murdered in the streets. This parish [St Philip] has the most murders in the country. We are losing young men to murder. We are losing young men to anti-social behavior. Therefore, we can do no more to undermine the integrity, responsibility, accountability and the role of men in our society.”

He added, “And therefore, same-sex civil unions feminize our men, masculinizing our women, and we do not think that that is sustainable and productive for this country. Therefore, from the west where we began, to St. George Central, to Bridgetown where we were last week, here in St Philip in the east, we are declaring that Government needs to rescind their orders, their laws and step back from those intentions because it will not be beneficial to Barbados, it will be detrimental.”

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