Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


(The Independent) – The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and the more conventionally shaped Galaxy S6 are Samsung’s most elegant phones yet, by a country mile. The high-end materials, shimmer-effect cases and smooth finishes all project a classiness the company has rarely had before.

Both phones have similar features and capabilities but here I’ll be looking at the S6 edge, with more stuff to come about the regular S6 presently.

Where the S5 had a plastic back, as did most Samsung phones until now, this phone has a metal chassis and a Gorilla Glass 4 back. While some phones like the HTC One M9 and iPhone 6 have metal backs, the advantage here is that you can plonk the S6 edge onto a wireless charging pad to let it replenish its energy. Plugging in isn’t exactly arduous but wireless charging is a surprisingly enjoyable benefit.

The glass back feels great and the S6 edge is a very tactile handset overall, though the projecting camera lens is rather noticeable – a drawback to slim phones in general.


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