With the DMV region experiencing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Pepco is reminding its customers to be on alert for potential scams targeting energy customers.

While scams occur throughout the year, Pepco which serves customers in D.C. and Maryland has seen an increase in attempts with scammers using this health crisis to take advantage of energy customers throughout the United States. The company has received reports that scammers are threatening to shut service off and are offering cash or credit incentives to obtain a customer’s personal or financial information.

“It is unfortunate that scammers are using the public’s concerns around health and financial uncertainty to deceive and further harm our customers,” said Derrick Dickens, senior vice president and chief customer officer for Pepco Holdings. “We want to provide our customers with tools and information that can help ward off would-be scammers and help put a stop to these ongoing scamming attempts.”

In some cases, scammers are duplicating the recorded message that customers hear when calling a legitimate company, so when customers call the number provided by the scammer, it sounds like an actual business. Some scammers also use caller ID “spoofing” to replicate an energy company’s phone number.

Any customer who believes he or she has been the target of a scam is urged to contact their local police and call Pepco immediately at 202-833-7500 to report the situation.

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