Moorings Presbyterian Church
Moorings Presbyterian Church
Moorings Presbyterian Church

NAPLES, Fla. (Naples News) – Like a singer trying to find the right note, Collier County School District policies hit all around the question at hand in the Barron Collier High School choir controversy without ever really nailing it.

Should a student be able to opt out, citing reasons of religion, of an after-school event that’s part of their coursework?

A half-dozen school policies nibble at the edges and hint at what the answer might be, but without a clear-cut policy to lean on, district administrators have been doing the best they can, coming up with a plan to hold some concerts at Moorings Presbyterian Church and others at secular venues such as Gulf Coast High School.

On Feb. 17 the School Board will have a chance to clarify the situation, although doing so won’t necessarily end the controversy.


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