Eugene Grant
Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene Grant (Courtesy photo)

Seat Pleasant, Md., a “Smart City of Excellence,” is harnessing the power of technology to cultivate sustainable urban development and invigorate its economy.

As a “Smart City,” Seat Pleasant helps city agencies prepare for problems, plan for growth, and coordinate and manage response efforts.

“This is the dawn of a new day,” said Mayor Eugene Grant. “And what the 21st century demands is a new type of city, a city that must use internet-connected devices and sensors to gather and analyze information. This including decision-making, improving infrastructure, efficiency, convenience and the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.”

This year, city officials unveiled a “Natural Language Question and Answer ChatBot” designed to listen and understand residents’ questions, regardless of how they are asked.

Based on IBM Watson technology, the Chatbot provides correct answers in real time on a wide range of topics, including city services (trash collection and snow removal), contact information for each city department, event information, and city-sponsored programs such as the Smart Home Buy program.

Seat Pleasant has emerged as the nation’s first and only authentic small Smart City, implementing technological solutions aimed at empowering citizens and improving operational efficiency.

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