The Raiderettes, the cheerleaders for the NFL's Oakland Raiders (Courtesy of

[Los Angeles Times]

I have in my possession a copy of the super-secret official Oakland Raiderettes handbook, which outlines employment policies that are the subject of a class-action lawsuit, and also promises to teach “elite etiquette” to “football’s fabulous females.”

Someone sent it to me after I wrote about Lacy T., a 27-year-old Oakland Raiders cheerleader who has filed a class-action lawsuit against the team alleging multiple violations of California’s labor laws. My copy was not provided by Lacy, and it does not have names or contact information for other Raiderettes.

Lacy alleges that the Raiders seriously underpay the 40 or so professional dancers who make up the squad each year. Each earns a grand total of about $1,250 for a 10-game season, plus three practices per week, plus at least 10 public appearances, plus participation in the Raiderettes calendar photo shoot. Lacy figures she has been paid less than $5 an hour, a violation of the state’s minimum wage law.

The Raiderettes contract is included in the lawsuit. (Take a look at Rules 8 and 9 in Exhibit A. A Raiderette risks punishment for wearing curlers on her way to work or, God forbid, for chewing gum.)

A Raiders spokesman said Friday the team would have no comment on the lawsuit.


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