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**FILE** Bernie Sanders (Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

By Rushawn Walters (NNPA/DTU Journalism Fellow, The Washington Informer)

After much speculation, Senator Bernie Sanders said that he will vote for his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in November.

“My job right now as a candidate is to fight to make sure that the Democratic Party not only has the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party, but that platform is actually implemented by elected officials,” Sanders said on CNN.

Sanders stopped short of endorsing Clinton in his recent statements. Sanders, who received about 13 million, said that he’s waiting to hear what she has to say about many of the issues that he raised during his campaign.

During an interview with “CBS This Morning,” Sanders noted that a vast majority of young voters supported him in the primaries and caucuses.

“And what those voters are saying to the establishment, to Secretary Clinton — ‘Hey are you gonna stand up for us? Are you gonna raise the minimum wage in fact to 15 bucks an hour?’” Sanders said.

The senator from Vermont also said that his goal is to beat Republican nominee Donald Trump and that he still plans to work to better the Democratic party.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sanders expressed his feelings on the businessman.

“Yes. Yes, I think the issue right here is I am going to do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump. I think Trump in so many ways will be a disaster for this country if he were to be elected president.”

Earlier this month, Clinton crossed the delegate threshold needed to become the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. She also received the overwhelming support of superdelegates. President Barack Obama has also endorsed Clinton.

Though he didn’t win, Sanders says he can still get the party to warm up to free college tuition, a $15 minimum wage and policies that could mitigate the human impact on climate change.

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