Older Americans are better than younger adults at following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, a new survey found.

The Data Foundation, a nonprofit think tank that conducted the survey on behalf of the CDC, said the generational discrepancy could be the reason coronavirus infections started to rise in younger people beginning in June, CNN reported.

In regard to face masks, the survey reported its use went up an average of 78% in April to 83% in May and reached 89% in June. The percentage of older adults who reported wearing a mask was 14 points higher, depending on the month, than those in the youngest age group.

The survey found that hand-washing, physical distancing and avoiding public or crowded places dipped slightly or remained unchanged on average over time, CNN reported. For example, the use of hand-washing fell from an average of 93% in April to 91% in May and 89% in June.

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