José Patiño Girona, THE TAMPA TRIBUNE

TAMPA, Fla. (The Tampa Tribune) — The last time Jerlean Moore talked to her daughter on the phone, she sang her a song.

Tjhisha Monique Ball, who was living in Jacksonville at the time, put her mother on speaker phone so her friends could hear her sing Sage the Gemini’s song, “Red Nose.” It was a song they both loved.

“She was a good girl,” said Moore, who affectionately called her daughter “T.” “She loved everybody. She was very sharing and giving. She was the sweetest little thing. She just loved everything. She was happy and bubbly. She was outgoing.”

On Thursday afternoon, a Tampa police officer came to Moore’s home and told her her 18-year-old daughter had been found dead along with her friend, 19-year-old Angelia Ella Mangum, on a roadside in Jacksonville.


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