Frank and Aleisha Marshall (Anthony Tilghman/The Washington Informer)

Laughter and Communications — the Glue for a Sound Marriage

Entering their second decade of marital bliss, Frank and Aleisha Marshall continue to keep their relationship light by cracking jokes often, maintaining balance in their family responsibilities, and reminiscing on their humble beginnings as a couple. 

They also credit open and constant communication as the glue that binds them together. Frank admitted he had to fine tune this skill over the years. Doing so, he said, meant coming to the realization that, despite their differences, he could always feel safe confiding in Aleisha.  

“As a grown person who’s been brought up in different ways with different triggers and outlooks, you have to respect someone else’s view on what may work or not work,” Frank said as he explained some advice his father gave him. 

“I learned to pick my battles. You can’t raise a grown woman. Don’t spend time trying to make her someone she’s not. Meet her midway. That’s a big part of compromise and marriage in itself.” 

Frank, known to many in the Go-Go world as Scooby and Frank Sirius, met Aleisha in 2005 through a mutual friend. It would be another year before Frank and Aleisha embarked on their love journey. The first date, a meet up with friends at Denny’s on Benning Road in Northeast, turned out to be a bust when Frank didn’t make it over there after a show. 

However, in the months and years up until their marriage, Frank and Aleisha found more opportunities to grow in “like” and open to one another. As they got to know each other, Frank enjoyed Aleisha’s unique vibe and became increasingly enamored with the way she interacted with his son Jaden, then three years old. 

Aleisha, in school at the time they met, recounted the admiration she felt for Frank’s work ethic and ability to provide for himself. Years later, as a detail-oriented planner, she has grown to appreciate Frank’s penchant for going with the flow at times. She said their understanding of each other’s style helps them live life to the fullest in their Prince George’s County home with Jaden, their two other children Jai and Journey, and Aleisha’s mother. 

In 2011, shortly after Jai’s birth, Frank and Aleisha tied the knot in a courtroom ceremony. That decision, they said, came out of a casual conversation. Throughout much of their marriage, they’ve applied that combination of intimate dialogue and spur-of-the-moment decisions to create memorable moments. 

As Frank told The Informer, that’s most likely how Valentine’s Day will turn out.  

In supporting that point, Aleisha encouraged young couples to avoid the confinement of timelines and societal standards when it comes to marriage, school, career and other aspects of life. She said that applying that mindset has boosted the authenticity of her relationship. 

‘I see people who have these big, extravagant weddings [that are] cookie cutter and by the book, and I’m like ‘Do you really want to do that?,’” said Aleisha, a healthcare professional. 

“I don’t think you have to rush things. It doesn’t have to be that way. People feel like they’re not where they need to be in their early 30s [and] I’m like, ‘What’s the problem? You’re still young at 32 or 27.’” 

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