NEW YORK (USA Today) — Black Enterprise magazine on Tuesday released a list of the 40 best companies for diversity — and not a single Silicon Valley company made the cut.

The list, released Tuesday at the 18th Annual Rainbow Push Wall Street Economic Summit here, names the 40 companies that display workplace diversity, with an emphasis on African-American representation, said Derek Dingle, chief content officer of the magazine. Companies that failed in African-American representation didn’t make the cut, regardless of strength in other areas, he said.

Winners include AT&T, FedEx, Marriott International and JPMorgan Chase. Black Enterprise looked at the companies’ employee base, board of directors, senior management and supplier diversity.

Senior management and a diversity of suppliers proved to have the weakest results, Dingle said. Indeed, only a handful of the 40 companies showed strength in multiple areas, including AT&T and Consolidated Edison.


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