I’m young and single in the city, but what the heck does that even mean? I’ve got friends. OK, I don’t have an actual boyfriend or anything, but at my age using that term would be considered politically incorrect anyhow and a major generational faux pas. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which to me is just another day of the week…until the actual day comes and I see star-crossed lovers holding hands while pretending their romantic night is going to last forever. Only to later find out that he or she is cheating. Yep, that’s exactly what’s going on in my mind as I proudly prance around the town in one of my favorite floor-length pea coats (all the rave) and show those idiots what’s what.

I don’t have to be married by 30 … I won’t. I want to be rich first, then married … duh. I mean don’t these people get it? I know I do and I never think twice about it. Well, okay sometimes I do. But only when I find myself pressed hands and face first against a dimly lit window of a fancy restaurant, watching intertwined lovers twinkle in the moonlight over medium rare prime rib. I bet they have kids in a nice warm home somewhere in Potomac, Maryland. Holy Christ!!! Are they putting ketchup over prime rib?! Help! Help! Emergency! Somebody call the police! I guess money can’t buy you class.

How do they do it? How do people find committed relationships where each party pulls their fair share of weight, stay romantic and still pushes one another into their ultimate dreams and destinies? Is it possible to really have everything? Does that really exist? I just want to be a journalist, solving mysteries and changing lives, while volunteering at the humane society from time to time. Is that too much to ask? I promise I won’t feed the dogs wine (I love wine). Because frankly the whole idea of having everything scares me. What if I have everything and then it goes wrong? Then I’ll officially be “that girl” who had everything and lost it all being dumb. Could you imagine the pressure? Good wine is so hard to find, too many options. OK, you know what, forget the wine and the dogs. What’s it like being young and single in the city? Confusing. Confusing as hell. Are you confused? Because I am. :/

Lauren Poteat is a versatile writer with a strong background in communications and media experience with an additional background in education and development.

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