Smokey Robinson
Smokey Robinson (Courtesy photo)

Music icon Smokey Robinson says a scary case of COVID-19 nearly cost him his famous voice — and his life.

Robinson, 81, spent almost two weeks in a Los Angeles hospital in December, before vaccines were rolled out to the general public. He didn’t have to go on a ventilator and never lost his sense of taste and smell, but tired easily when he tried to move around.

“I got it severely and I was hospitalized for 11 days and four or five of those I do not even remember,” the legendary singer-songwriter told the Daily Mail. “It was really touch and go, and a terribly debilitating ailment.

“I could barely talk,” Robinson said. “Even when I got home, I was hoarse. I could not try to sing because I was afraid. It was one of the most frightening fights I have ever had.”

Robinson, who said he isn’t sure how he contracted the virus, has since received both shots of the vaccine. He has also returned to live performances.

“Now I work out almost every day, because I don’t want to get the virus again even though I’ve had both of my shots,” he told The Mail.

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