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September is almost over, but many families have yet to receive their advance child tax credit payments from the IRS for the month.

The payments went out to millions on Sept. 15, but many others did not get theirs, despite getting their money on time via either direct deposit or mailed paper checks in July and August.

The IRS acknowledged the issue and said it is looking into it.

“This week, the IRS successfully delivered a third monthly round of approximately 35 million child tax credits with a total value of about 15 billion dollars,” the agency said in a statement Friday. “We are aware of instances where some individuals have not yet received their September payments, although they received payments in July and August. These individuals may not yet be able to receive a current status on the Update Portal. The IRS is currently looking into this situation, and we will share more information as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, families expecting payments are advised to check the IRS website and social media accounts for the latest updates and to keep checking their mailboxes and bank accounts.

The child tax credit was expanded for qualifying families in March for the 2021 tax year as part of the American Rescue Plan, going from $2,000 for each child older than 6 to $3,000, with an extra $600 for children younger than 6.

The first half of the credit is being delivered in monthly payments from July through December, with the second half to come when families file their tax returns next year.

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