Vincent T. Parker (Courtesy of Facebook)
Vincent T. Parker (Courtesy of Facebook)
Vincent T. Parker (Courtesy of Facebook)

(HNGN) – An honor-roll Virginia student, accused of murdering his parents after they took away his iPod, pled guilty, Wednesday. He was charged as an adult on two second-degree murder counts.

Vincent T Parker, 16, killed his 55-year-old father Wayne Parker and 57-year-old mother, Carol Parker, with a crowbar, last December. He told the investigators that he was fed up with the constant punishments his parents imposed on him.

“I just remember getting mad,” Parker told the court. “It’s all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad taking away my iPod and stuff.”

Parker, an only child, had confessed to police in December that he left school early on the day he killed his parents. He went to his Bland Street home in Norfolk, waited for his mother to come out of the bathroom and used pepper-spray on her. He said that he did not have any arguments with his mother before or during the attack. He stabbed his mother in the eye and beat her with a crowbar and then a baseball bat.


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