With fewer vehicles on the road amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the motorists still out there are flooring it in the newfound space — and racking up speed-camera citations in the process, Baltimore County officials say.

Automated tickets from speed-camera violations in the county are on pace to set a record, officials said, The Baltimore Sun reported Monday.

The county has had a 10 percent increase in such violations this year, issuing more than 180,000 citations between January and Oct. 13, compared to roughly 164,000 citations over the same period in 2019, The Sun reported.

Revenue generated by the cameras jumped nearly 38% during that period, with approximately $1.2 million more collected than during that period last year.

Baltimore City had a less substantial increase, with issued citations up by 7%, or more than 500,000, through September, The Sun reported. Those citations generated an additional $12 million in revenue.

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