Dynamic conference fostered laughter, reflection, and even tears in Washington, D.C. on July 12.. (Courtesy photo/ Lindria Dockett Photography)

More than 400 people converged on Washington, D.C. July 12, with one common goal, becoming empowered to reach greater business and personal heights.  The “Stage Domination: Unleash Your Brilliance & Transform Lives,” conference, led by acclaimed speakers Dr. Cheryl Wood, who started the event, Lisa Nichols, Gloria Mayfield Banks and Trent Shelton,  proved to be an energizing summit that inspired guests.

Dr. Cheryl Wood motivates attendees to live with purpose during the “Stage Domination: Unleash Your Brilliance & Transform Lives,” conference. (Courtesy Photo/Lindria Dockett Photography)

Created by Wood, 49, of Global Speakers University,  the event welcomed a multigenerational crowd, with ages ranging from pre-teens to senior citizens.  Teaching people to tap into their purpose at any age is central to Wood’s message as a life coach and renowned motivational speaker.

“I believe that you can never over invest in yourself. Events like this help to expand your thinking, expand your mindset and, many times, shift you out of feeling stuck, ” said Love and Marriage DC star Winter Harris, 41. 

 Recently divorced and a self described  “woman on a mission of reinvention,” Harris emphasized that separation from a spouse is similar to a death as it brings feelings of grief, loss and acceptance. 

“Going through a major life transformation, this summit helps us to see what’s possible as it celebrates women at every level of life and business,” Harris continued. “As a speaker myself, it reinforces the importance of my work and that there is a unique space for every one of us to fulfill”.

Two years from being able to retire, working mother Kyra Frames, 47, attended the event to identify her career purpose.  

“As a mom, for so long I have been accustomed to doing what I needed to do for the benefit of my family.  Instead of waiting until retirement, I am starting now to create a business that I want to do as opposed to working a job that I have to do,” Frames said.  “This conference has uplifted me and lit a fire in my spirit.  I am ready to take the knowledge and tools learned to ignite the dreams that have been inside of me for far too long.”

For Wood, a two-time Tedx Speaker and best selling author, her mission is to motivate women of color like Frames to unleash and amplify their voices.  

“Every day that you wake up, the world stage is available to you,” Wood said.  “Many of us place more value on what is on us, instead of what is in us.  If you are going to sacrifice, sacrifice for your life to shift in a different direction.”  

Keynote Speakers (l to r) Trent Shelton, Lisa Nichols, Dr. Cheryl Wood, and Gloria Mayfield Banks at Stage Domination. (Courtesy photo/Media Expertzy)

 Nichols, 57, added that conferences such as “Stage Domination,” serve as a reminder that “inspiration is timeless and it is never too late to press restart.”

In addition to empowering guests, the summit was also a safe haven for attendees.  

Event sponsor, Dr. Chere M. Goode, 49,  suffered the unimaginable loss of her NFL-bound 20-year-old son Jordan.  A nurse for 32 years, the conference enabled her to continue turning her pain into purpose.  For women suffering from  any form of trauma, she offered lessons on speaking life into oneself.  

“Just get up,” Goode said. “Each day, create the mood that you want for yourself, even if it’s as simple as wearing bright colors. Every journey has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Trauma can cause us to feel like it is the end.  However, we can use that pain to make a purposeful new beginning.”

Wood motivated attendees to push past self-limiting boundaries and embrace growth.  She admitted that the global success she now enjoys came by way of decisions that completely terrified her.  

A former executive legal secretary, Wood quickly reached an employment ceiling.  Earning close to six figures, she was unable to advance in position or pay.  

“Mustering the courage to walk away from full-time employment with three kids was absolutely terrifying for my husband and I,” she recalled.  

Six months after she took the leap of faith to start her own business, her husband unexpectedly lost his job.  

“We lost everything.  The house went into foreclosure, cars were repossessed, our savings were quickly depleted.  I felt like a failure.  My husband and three children are going through all this because I’m chasing some dream?  It was devastating.”  

Although Wood temporarily re-entered the job market, she placed herself on a time limit and kept her business goals centrally in mind and in action.  When presented the opportunity to host a two-hour local radio show, her employer refused to grant her the time off.  She tendered her resignation that same day.  Today, she is one of the most requested speakers on the globe.

“It is not your job to stand defeated in your story like quicksand.  It is your responsibility to use your story as the stage from which to launch your purpose”, Nichols related to a captivated crowd.

Former NFL player, Trent Shelton, 38, one of the four keynote speakers, attributes Wood’s success to her incredible perspective.  “Peace is not dependent upon exterior conditions.  A big part of peace is your perspective.  Losses often bestow great lessons which if applied mean that better things are on the horizon”.

Experience more of Wood’s work at her signature event Speaker Con, Nov. 1-4, and for more information visit: speakerConConference.com.

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