While some states such as Kentucky and Colorado have reported fewer new coronavirus cases over the past week, none has had 14 days of steady decline.

Although the number of cases states report each day doesn’t necessarily reflect patients diagnosed within the past 24 hours, there is often a backlog of test results, and some infections aren’t identified right away.

Experts contend that the most important way to ensure successful reopening is to have a vast quantity of testing. Ideally, that means testing everyone, including people who never show symptoms, and properly identifying asymptomatic spreaders — as well as infected people who are contagious before they start showing symptoms.

Once physicians are able to identify those who’ve been infected, they need to have a system to find whom those patients may have infected.

Meanwhile, it’s increasingly apparent that other potential methods of containing the virus, such as therapeutics or a vaccine, remain unavailable or unproven.

Experts also advise against relying on antibody tests to prove one’s immunity to the virus, saying that a positive antibody test shows only that a person has been infected and that it’s too soon to know whether it means a person can’t be infected a second time.

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