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Bishop T.D. Jakes, New York Times bestselling author and pastor of The Potter’s House, recently released a thought-filled book for everyday people looking to think and live as successful entrepreneurs.

Focusing primarily on individuals of lower economic status and those not necessarily privy to thinking like an entrepreneur, Jakes’ latest book “Soar!” serves as a self-help guide for anyone who has ever had a dream.

“There is a deficit in entrepreneurship in underserved areas,” Jakes said. “So I wanted to focus on areas with a greater need in equity equality and building goals.

“You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to think like one and take flight with your dreams,” he said. “But let us be clear, ‘business’ is not the dream, it is the transportation to the dream and I am hoping that in this book, people will find great inspiration, motivation and a format for practical application, in order to successfully pursue their goals.”

Based on the success of the Wright Brothers, who once constructed the world’s first working airplane inside of a bike shop, Jakes explained that his book will show readers that you don’t have to have everything you need in order to build your dream.

“For people who have not yet discovered their divine dream, take a good look at what your passions are, what stimulates you, what you are creative in — hone in on those skills and know that you are on the right road, even if you have not yet reached your destination,” Jakes said. “Most people get out of business because they hit a bad spot, but it’s like bad turbulence on a plane, if you stay seated, eventually you’ll reach your destination.”

Released on Oct. 10, the business-minded manual draws on lessons learned throughout Jakes’ own life as a pastor, investor, author, producer and entrepreneur.

The book also details how to build from the ground up without capital, the importance of having a coach/mentor and faith in your purpose.

“This book is not about learning how to get rich, it is about learning how to send your children to college, homeownership, building a legacy — so that when you have kids they don’t start at level zero.” Jakes said. “But please remember, ‘Faith without works is dead.’ … Faith in your ideas, faith in your products, faith in your goals. When people read this book, I want them to learn more than just how to clap their hands at church. I want them to take what they learned on Sunday and be able to apply it to Monday.”

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