Whether it’s being first in the U.S. wireless industry to set science-based carbon emissions targets, achieving its 100% renewable energy goal, reducing waste, or responsibly managing the lifecycle of its products, T-Mobile is taking immediate and ambitious action to create a more sustainable future.

In 2018, the company set an industry first by joining the RE100 pledge and committing to source 100% of its total electricity usage with renewable energy by the end of 2021. A few years and one historic merger later, it’s achieved that goal. “T-Mobile put a stake in the ground as the first telecom to commit to going all in on renewable energy by the end of 2021,” said Mike Sievert, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “Now we’re the first to hit this milestone years ahead of others. This was no easy task, but we set a goal and we achieved it. Thanks to amazing efforts from a team who was unwavering in our commitment to reduce our impact on the planet, the Un-carrier is powering America’s largest, fastest, and most reliable 5G network with 100% clean electricity.”

Going all in to mobilize for a thriving planet.

When the company sources its electricity from renewable energy, like wind and sunlight, it knows that not only will those sources never run out, but they also aren’t releasing harmful greenhouse gases in the process—and that’s good for people and the planet. Hitting its renewable energy goal is only one of the milestones on T-Mobile’s path to building a more connected and sustainable future.

How does it achieve 100% renewable electricity?

The company’s energy comes from purchasing electricity from the U.S. electric grid, which is powered by a variety of energy sources, including renewable resources that are tracked using Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). T-Mobile is committed to funding the creation of new, clean power projects, including large-scale wind and solar farms – and acquiring RECs in a variety of ways. Its 2021 renewable energy portfolio included a mix of Virtual Power Purchase Agreements, a green direct tariff, retail renewable agreements, community solar projects, and unbundled RECs to complement its energy reduction efforts.

Energy powers T-Mobile’s entire business—including its Un-carrier network, stores, offices, and more. Responsibly managing its energy use is an opportunity to make a huge difference for the environment and within the wireless industry. That’s why the company is committed to using energy more efficiently and sourcing it more sustainably. To change wireless for good, T-Mobile constantly looks for ways to make sustainable choices that benefit its customers and the planet.

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