A $600 check and Ramen noodles trended on social media, thanks to lawmakers’ agreement on a new stimulus package and a tweet by hip-hop superstar T-Pain.

As many lashed out at members of the House and Senate over what’s considered a paltry $600 and one-time direct payment to struggling Americans – France and Germany, by comparison, provide its citizens with more than $7,000 per month in direct stimulus payments during the pandemic – T-Pain posed an intriguing question to his more than 1.2 million Twitter followers.

“What’s some hood recipes y’all do with random [stuff] in the house that I can try?”

While the responses included “hot sauce sandwiches,” “Queso dip” and “tuna noodle casserole,” T-Pain’s timeline was filled with various meals that featured Ramen noodles. The responses also arrived with cooking instruction for the wheat-based instant noodles that are a staple of Japanese diet.

“Ramen noodles cooked Hot flaming Cheetos crunched up Bologna 3 Cheese slice Tortilla Layer: tortilla, two cheese slice, ramen noodles, cheese slice, Cheetos, bologna, roll up like a burrito, grill on each side till crunchy,” offered Twitter user @3BlueStarMom.

“This was my go-to when I was in law school & dirt poor.”

Twitter user @electricmonae offered her Ramen noodle suggestion: “Ramen noodles with Conecuh sausage cut up in it.”

Not to be outdone, @JoannaSimkin added:

“Ingredients: Ramen packet ground meat (I do turkey). Frozen green veggie; brown the meat and season with 1/2 the ramen packet (it’s salty to use it all). Boil the noodles and frozen veggie together. Drain and dump in browned meat pan, add a little butter, and sauté for a minute.”

Lawmakers agreed on a $900 billion stimulus package that is far lighter than the more than $2 trillion CARES Act, which was signed into law earlier this year and provided direct payments of $1,200 for individuals who made $75,000 or less and $2,400 for couples who earned $150,000 or less.

The CARES Act also provided an additional $500 per dependent child.

The latest bill, which many expect President Donald Trump to sign, contains direct payments of $600 per adult and $600 per dependent child.

The new round of checks is based on the same provisions of the CARES Act.

The bill also provides $300 of weekly enhancement in unemployment benefits – down from $600 in the CARES Act.

The arguably paltry sum in the new legislation has angered many who noted that Americans are losing jobs by the millions, and evictions are soaring.

T-Pain’s desire to find a cheap meal, intentional or not, reflects many others trying to make ends meet.

It also highlighted an obsession with Ramen noodles.

“Crush up some Ramen, dump it into a microwave safe bowl, grab a can of those little canned sausage things chuck em in it,” @Qtpop wrote. “Can of veggies, chuck em in it, juice and all. nuke for a bit [and] stir.”

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