Wells Fargo is extremely proud to sponsor The Washington Informer’s Financial Literacy supplement, particularly this year when so many people are taking a different look at their finances and financial goals because of the current economic climate.

Many people continue to deal with economic stresses because of COVID-19 and money issues are front and center. Taking care of your financial health can help you build a foundation to get you through tough times and prepare for the future. Some of us may be looking at how we save differently or even considering how to prioritize significant financial goals like buying a home or opening a business.

We are fortunate that publications like The Washington Informer create supplements like this one to inform its readers on a number of topics related to financial health.

It’s important to understand that your financial health is a journey and unique to each individual. Small changes can easily turn into habits that have a big impact on your financial health and support is available.

No matter your situation, there are many places to look for financial information and guidance even during these uncertain times. It’s a great time to take advantage of websites and online tools that can help educate you on a number of financial topics. At www.wellsfargo.com/financial-education you can explore information on topics like saving, budgeting and even big goals like purchasing a home. There also are financial health resources by phone. It’s easy to call a Wells Fargo financial health phone banker to discuss your financial goals.

Your financial wellness is important for planning to reach your financial goals. In addition, no matter how you have been impacted by this pandemic, it’s never too late for education and guidance to help you navigate the way forward and prepare to handle other financial issues you may have to experience.

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