When it comes to dating in Washington, D.C., most singles will tell you there’s no shortage of challenges, options and opinions on the romantic landscape of the nation’s capital. We caught up with Groovy Gene, 30, a social media marketing specialist and Marco Kay, 29, a government contractor/photographer at the newly opened Line Hotel in Adams Morgan. Here’s what the men had to say about love:

Akil Wilson: So here we are in 2018 on the dating scene in Washington, D.C. What are we as men really looking for in a woman out here?

Marco Kay: I would really just say it depends on the man. I know a lot of party people, but I want someone stable to come home to, go out with and to generally have a good time with but it really depends on the individual. Some guys may be, but I’m not really interested in the girls in the club.

Groovy Gene: I’m in a similar position of what I’m looking for. I travel a lot and my life is based on the hustle, so I do want that one person who is a stable entity to come home to. But, I feel like in D.C. there’s such a large population of strong, educated sisters who just aren’t ready to settle down.

AW: Who do you think has a harder time finding a mate in D.C.? Men or women?

GG: Women definitely have a lot of obstacles to overcome on the dating scene. I think that women have a harder time finding a man in D.C., but I think it’s equal when it comes to finding a mate of a certain caliber.

MK: I feel like women have this whole list of standards and men just kinda want to keep it simple.

AW: Does social media help or hurt in the dating world? How?

MK: I don’t think it helps. I wouldn’t use that platform for any of that. I want to sit down and get to know you, see your facial expressions etc. I feel like jumping in the DMs is very impersonal.

GG: For me it’s different, because I travel so much that even if I dated a girl here, I wouldn’t get the same learning process that other people get while dating. So it is something I pay attention to. Our relationship can’t live on social media, but it can start there.

AW: So in the end, what does a happy, healthy relationship look like to you?

GG: Being able to considerately say how I feel to my lady and know that she knows it’s for the betterment of us as a unit.

MK: Ideally you want her to be your best friend, therapist, comedian and all the things you desire. I don’t want to be in a relationship with someone not on the same page as me.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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