(Brennan Linsley/AP Photo)
(Brennan Linsley/AP Photo)
(Brennan Linsley/AP Photo)

(Tech Times) – Puerto Rico has an obesity crisis. It has higher incidence of childhood obesity compared with mainland United States. In a bid to address this problem, Puerto Rican lawmakers mull on a controversial bill that seeks to punish the parents of obese children.

The bill, which was sponsored by Sen. Gilberto Rodríguez and introduced to the territory’s senate on Monday, Feb. 9, will fine parents of obese children and may even accuse them of abuse if the physical condition of their children does not improve.

It will have schools identify obese children and refer them to health department advisers to find out the cause of their condition as well as come up and recommend a diet and exercise plan. The child will be followed up every four weeks.

If the child’s condition does not improve after six months, the parents can be fined $500. The fine can also go up to as much as $800 if the third progress report taken after another six months indicates that the child still has not shown significant weight loss.


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