Jasmine Jennings, 17, a senior in high school in Maryland, was one of the first teenagers to receive a COVID vaccine. (Anthony Tilghman/The Washington Informer)

Montgomery County, Md., officials will push teenagers to receive coronavirus booster shots in the fall.

“That 12-to-17 year-old population is the ones that have the lowest boosted levels,” Sean O’Donnell, the administrator for the county’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response program, said, WTOP reported on Thursday. “They go to a congregant setting in schools every day, so we would like them to be up to date.”

WTOP reported of the abovementioned age group, 26% of Black children, 27% of Latino children, 50% of Asian children and 53% of white children have gotten a coronavirus booster. County health officials said even though the virus transmission rates in Montgomery County are low, they believe it would be smart to increase the 12-to-17-year-old vaccine booster rated by the fall because of the seasonality of respiratory illness.

“I would expect that we’re going to have a big push to get people boosted before the school year, otherwise, I think we could see a lot more problems in schools in the fall if people maintain these similarly low vaccination [boosted] rates during a period when the virus is spreading more regularly,” Earl Stoddard, the county’s assistant chief administrative officer, said.

WTOP reported vaccine clinics will continue to function at some Montgomery County schools, where booster shots are available to all eligible.

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