Thasunda Brown Duckett, current CEO of Chase Consumer Banking, is set to take the reins at retirement and investment management organization TIAA — a move that will also make her just the third Black woman ever to be named a full-time Fortune 500 chief and the second in as many months.

The Duckett hire, announced Thursday by TIAA, comes after Walgreens tabbed Starbucks COO Rosalind Brewer as its next CEO last month. Prior to Duckett and Brewer, the only other Black woman to run a Fortune 500 company full-time during the 66-year history of the business magazine’s list was Ursula Burns, who was CEO of Xerox Holdings from 2009 to 2017.

Ducket will be the fourth to hold such a position in any capacity, counting former interim Bed, Bath & Beyond CEO Mary Winston, according to Fortune.

“I often think about the day my father asked me to help him plan his retirement, and I had to tell him, ‘Dad, your pension is not enough,’” Duckett said in a statement, Fortune reported. “Now, thanks to his work and sacrifices and the support of many others who have guided me throughout my life and career, I am blessed to join TIAA.”

Duckett begins her new job on May 1.

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