(Healthy, Wild and Free) – Your lymphatic system plays a vital role in your health. It’s also referred to as ‘your second circulatory system’ because it helps to bring nutrients to areas throughout the body as well as to detoxify and remove impurities, just like the blood will do. The main (and most frightening difference) about your lymph system is that there is no pump to keep it moving, like your heart is to your circulatory system. Because of this you have to take a front-seat position to ensure that your lymphatic system is moving as it’s supposed to be. It needs to continuously drain and flush toxins and impurities into the kidneys and liver so that these organs can dispose of the impure fluids (toxins) from your body.

In order to expel impurities and toxins from your lymphatic system you need to keep the lymphatic system healthy and active by practicing healthy lifestyle habits that support a healthy lymphatic system. Without practices that support a healthy lymphatic system the lymp system becomes clogged and lymph nodes become swollen which can lead to many other health issues. If your lymph nodes are swollen it is a strong sign that you have not been engaging and keeping your lymphatic system active and healthy so if that is you pay special attention to the advice in this article.


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