SAN FRANCISCO (USA Today) — Home, suite home.

The connected home is edging toward widespread reality after years of promise and more than a fair amount of hype. It will be a major topic of conversation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where Samsung Electronics CEO Boo-Keun Yoon is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech on the Internet of Things on Jan. 5. Several major vendors, including GE, plan to display their wares in a smart home exhibit at CES.

Wireless devices that monitor and adjust a house’s temperature, lighting and security systems are sprouting in homes and apartments as televisions did in the 1950s, microwaves in the 1970s and flat-screen TVs in the 2000s.

“We’re still in the age of educating consumers, who have not embraced the concept yet,” says Michael Wolf, chief analyst at NextMarket Insights, a market-research firm. “Perhaps, Apple or Google builds something that ties it all together.”


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