From left: Micha Green, Lafayette Barnes, Chelsea Lenora White and Jarren Small attend the 2023 NNPA Mid-Winter Conference. (Mark Mahoney/NNPA)
From left: Micha Green, Lafayette Barnes, Chelsea Lenora White and Jarren Small attend the 2023 NNPA Mid-Winter Conference. (Mark Mahoney/NNPA)

The Washington Informer took center stage at the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) 2023 Mid-Winter Training Conference when Managing Editor Micha Green and The Bridge Publisher Lafayette Barnes were featured on a panel on how to engage more Generation Z and millennials in the Black Press.

WI Managing Editor Micha Green speaks during the millennial panel at the 2023 NNPA Mid-Winter Conference. (Mark Mahoney/NNPA)

With the theme “Digital Innovation, Training and Engagement of the Black Press of America,” the NNPA gathering included workshops, panels and celebrations from Feb. 1-4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

During the millennial-filled panel on Friday, Feb. 2, Barnes brought the house down by displaying the “first AI (artificial intelligence)-designed cover in the Black Press,” an announcement that received roaring applause when showcasing the recent cover of the Washington Informer Bridge.

“This year’s NNPA Mid-Winter conference was inspiring in so many ways,” said Chelsea Lenora White, business manager and entertainment editor of the Houston Forward Times.

White, as well as Reading With A Rapper founder Jarren Small, were also featured on the panel and shared helpful resources for engaging with the community through digital strategies and understanding value.

“It was an honor to contribute to Friday’s panel which was geared towards engaging gen-Z and millennials, and ultimately, increasing digital revenue through strategy and innovation,” White continued.

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After a successful panel, the Informer’s managing editor is excited about future opportunities to work with the Houston Forward Times and other Black-owned media outlets.

“My favorite part of participating on the panel was the collaboration and meeting of the minds. Most of our conversations sounded like podcast episodes and I was blown away by my colleagues’ brilliance and innovative ideas,” Green said. “I’m ecstatic about the opportunity to build with other organizations in the future.”

Houston Forward Times Business Manager and Entertainment Editor Chelsea Lenora White showcases a recent edition of the publication as Jarren Small describes the thinking behind the cover. (Mark Mahoney/NNPA)

White emphasized the importance of working together.

“To connect with so many members of the media from various outlets goes to show you just how much collective power we have. 

“I’m confident that everyone left with something resourceful to take back to their respective markets and I’m eager to continue taking this network to new levels through further innovation and collaboration.”

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