What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? — 1st Corinthians 6:19

This health article may be a life-saver for some, and merely information for others. It is a proven, scientific fact that the human body has its own magnetic fields (also known as hearts magnetic field, because of the flow of blood) and Earth is a giant magnet. When we sleep with our head towards north, our body’s magnetic field becomes completely asymmetrical to the Earth’s magnetic field. That cause problems related to blood pressure and our heart needs to work harder in order to overcome this asymmetry.

Apart from this, another reason is that our bodies have significant amount of iron in the blood. This can cause headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, Parkinson’s disease and brain degeneration.

Recently, I read an article by Sadhguru. He said in this article that our heart is located not halfway down, but three-fourths of the way up the body because pumping blood up against gravity is more difficult than pumping it down. The blood vessels which go upward are a finer arrangement compared to those going down. As they go up into the brain, they are almost hairlike, to such a point that they cannot even take one extra drop. If one extra drop is pumped in, something will burst and you will have a hemorrhage.

Most people have tiny hemorrhages in their brain that do not incapacitate them in any major way, but cause small damages nonetheless. You may become duller, which people are becoming. Your level of intelligence after the age of 35 drops in many ways, unless you take enormous care to keep it up. You are managing because of your memory, not because of your intelligence.

Sadhguru said when the body is positioned horizontally, a drop in pulse rate is immediately noticeable. The body makes this adjustment because if blood is pumped at the same level, too much will go into your head, causing damage. Now, if you place your head to the north and stay that way for five to six hours, the magnetic pull will cause pressure on your brain, Sadhguru said. If you are beyond a certain age and your blood vessels are weak, you could have hemorrhages and paralytic strokes. Or, if your system is sturdy and these things don’t happen to you, you could get up agitated because there is more circulation in the brain than there should be while you’re sleeping. It is not that if you do this for one day, you will fall dead. But if you do this every day, you are asking for trouble. What kind of trouble depends on how strong your system is.

So which is the best direction to sleep with your head pointing towards? East is the best direction. Northeast is OK. West is alright. South, if you must. North, no. This is true as long as you are in the northern hemisphere — sleeping with your head towards any side except north is OK. In the southern hemisphere, don’t put your head to the south.

Do your own research, or just ascribe to the scripture mentioned here which speaks of how important it is to treat our bodies like the temple it is. It is to your own advantage to adhere to this knowledge. Move your bed and sleep with your head toward the east!
In closing, though we cannot see or feel the earth moving, you know that it is. Also know that everything around us is changing, little by little and day by day — it is the magic of the power of God!

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