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This week, in part two of my forgiveness column, the next thing you must do is make a new agreement with yourself to always stay connected to Spirit even when it seems to be the most difficult thing to do. When you do, perfect harmony will become the order of the day. Those things you came to earth to achieve will be revealed to you.

Spirit is the best guide, for it is the voice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is speaking directly to you by way of your Spirit. You will be highly successful as you travel along the path Spirit leads you. Turn your disappointments, pains and hurts over to God, and allow Spirit to flow through you.

In Wayne Dyer’s second principle of forgiveness, he shares that your new agreement with reality in which you will blend your earthly personality you have chosen for this world, that is, how you chose to display yourself to the world, with your spiritual God-connected self.

Next, you will notice how you will begin to move your thinking to a higher level of energy, of love and light. Be careful never to lower your frequency. That is, don’t allow others to talk against what the Lord has led you to do. Never allow someone in your life to gossip about others to and with you, and definitely never allow someone in your life to cause you not to believe you’re capable of doing this thing that you have been led by Spirit to do. How can someone else know what you are destined to do? They can’t.

Let me give you a personal example. When I finally decided to start my own radio show on Radio One seven years ago, there were plenty of naysayers! Even family members today will admit being skeptical of me having to pay for a show every week, especially when it appeared I could hardly take care of myself. June 8 will mark my show’s seventh year, and my advertisers have come forth, thus allowing me to pay my show off for the entire year. Now, all I have to do is continue to listen to Spirit as he guides me as to who should be my next guest. It is all downhill now, as I don’t have to work very hard at all.

When you “Reconnect to Spirit,” the same thing will happen for you. If the course you have chosen was not shown to you by the Holy Spirit, you will find yourself trying to find ways to make this work. However, when you do follow your Spirit guide, you will have to make moves, but you certainly will be guided correctly, and your journey will not be difficult.

Wherever you go, others will experience the glow of your God consciousness, and disharmony and disorder and all manner of problems simply will not flourish in your presence. Become an instrument of peace, never allowing those lower frequencies to bring you down. Walk away from them, and wish them love and light!

You can see how this second principle will forbid you from being angry at those who have mistreated you or attempting to get back at someone who has harmed you. All you will need to do, is to forgive them and forget about it. Show them love and wish only the best for them. You then will be following a positive, biblical principle: love!

“And whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father also who is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.” — Mark 11:25

Lyndia Grant is a speaker/writer living in the D.C. area. Her radio show, “Think on These Things,” airs Fridays at 6 p.m. on 1340 AM (WYCB), a Radio One station. Visit her website,, send comments to or call 240-602-6295. Follow her on Twitter @LyndiaGrant and on Facebook.

Lyndia Grant

A seasoned radio talk show host, national newspaper columnist, and major special events manager, Lyndia is a change agent. Those who experience hearing messages by this powerhouse speaker are changed forever!

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