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Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. — Hebrews 11:1 KJV

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for; it is the evidence of things not seen.

“If you have faith, the size of a tiny mustard seed, you can move mountains if you just believe. … Without faith, it’s impossible to please God, but with faith, all things are possible…just have faith in God,” comprises the opening to a new gospel song titled, “Faith!”

Written and produced by singer/songwriter Vanessa Burge Garner, you too will be blessed to listen to this new release.

A native of Jacksonville, North Carolina, Burge Garner — who grew up harmonizing at home with her father and mother and 14 siblings — remembers learning to play the piano by ear.

At the age of 8, Burge Garner began singing in the church choir and continued in college where she sang with the gospel choir at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. No one was more surprised than Burge Garner to learn of her talent, than when she was inspired to pen, hum and sing her first song.

Burge Garner discovered her talent for songwriting in 1996.

Divinely inspired, she would start singing words she clearly heard for her songs. Over and over, she sang until she fully had the song and melody perfected. Years later, having been humbled by several other musical moments — she moved forward.

In March 2017, Burge Garner released her first independent album, “Gratitude,” an intimate collection of original songs. Her gift for songwriting has been influenced by her intimate connection with God, and song after song, listeners get to experience a connection with Burge Garner’s music.

While attending a Bible institute lecture at her church, Burge Garner and her classmates were instructed to write a prayer of thanksgiving or a song. Burge Garner’s response to the assignment resulted in her first written song. She said God whispered the words to her in a dream.

“Faith” is a song devoted to one of Burge Garner’s sisters because of her steadfastness and unwavering faith while battling an aggressive illness.

Another favored song is “Good Morning, Holy Spirit,” composed during Burge Garner’s early morning “me time” with God.

Meanwhile, the songwriter has easily gained new fans and received many accolades for the album, with her listeners heartily sharing with her sentiments such as, “I’m blessed by your music … your music speaks to me … has helped me through …. and “I don’t have a favorite a song, all of the songs are my favorite.”

Burge Garner and her husband, Albert Garner, live outside just outside of D.C. in Maryland, where Burge Garner is a dedicated member of the music ministry at the First Baptist Church of Glen Arden.

With her first studio album now released, Burge Garner is overjoyed by her calling to share her talent and in knowing others are relating to her music.

It was my pleasure to interview Burge Garner on “The Lyndia Show” Friday and her music is truly a blessing.

Pick up your copy of her music from DC Baby, Spotfire music download, YouTube and others. Copies can also be purchased at the John 3:16 Christian Bookstore in Lanham, Md.

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