Courtesy of The Sharon Laverne Community Foundation (TSLCF) DBA Love
Courtesy of The Sharon Laverne Community Foundation (TSLCF) DBA Love

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My name is Sharon L. Williams, Founder and CEO, The Sharon Laverne Community Foundation (TSLCF) DBA Love. We are a self-development and empowerment organization with a mission to improve the lives and conditions of impoverished residents, provide free life-sustaining training, and address relevant concerns relating to urban crime and incarceration with a goal of achieving personal and community transformations for our clients in Wards 7 and 8, and returning citizens, citywide.

Our first mission, “to improve the lives and conditions of impoverished residents” is a virtuous one. As you may know, Wards 7 and 8 are the most underserved and neglected communities in Washington, D.C. Our plan is to break the cycle of generational poverty through: (1) education; (2) a reading program starting in preschool to 3rd grade because if children are not reading on their grade level by the 4th grade, chances are that they will end up in prison. This explains why 1 in 3 Black males are in the correctional system either on probation, parole, or warehoused in prison; (3) mental health — counseling is desperately needed. There is an epidemic of depression within our community which has led individuals to self-medicate with alcohol abuse and illegal drug addiction; (4) job training — this community needs GED, entry level IT, Medical Tech and CDL classes; and (5) women-focused Small Business Development — to promote and train women to become entrepreneurs.

Our second mission, “to provide free life-sustaining training,” will include: Motivational; Self-Identity and Awareness Training; and Parenting In these Days and Times – all in the form of Seminars. A few of our workshops will include Social Studies, Spanish as a second language, Employment Training and Jobs.
Our third mission, “to address relevant concerns relating to urban crime and incarceration,” is in constant peril. As you all know, there is a lack of safety in our schools, on the streets, in our neighborhoods, and sadly in our homes and churches. Crime on the streets and in our neighborhoods is rampant in such a way that citizens have to get home before nightfall, and even that proves to be unsafe. There are struggles among our young Black men; conflict with police officers, who are supposed to keep us safe; and hate-filled dissonance among us.

What is truly sad is the fact that we are not safe even in our homes. A stray bullet here or there puts us in harm’s way. Home is supposed to be our most humble and peaceful abode. At home, as well as church, are where our comforts lie. Instead, we are terrified and on edge.

Even though our emphasis is targeted to the residents of Wards 7 and 8, All Are Welcome!

For anyone interested in empowering themselves, please complete the application on our website listed below and return it to the address located at the bottom of the application.

Finally, if anyone wants to make a donation toward this worthy cause, please do so on our website as well.

Thank you for your attention, and in the spirit of peace, harmony, and brotherly love, May God Bless You All!

The Sharon Laverne Community Foundation dba LOVE

(202) 832-0780

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