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Gregory Aaron Cook Sr., a native Washingtonian who sang with the group, “The Unifics” died on July 8 at his home in Northeast after battling pancreatic cancer.

Cook, 72, started singing in his church choir as a young boy. He joined with a group of friends on the campus of Howard University to form the Unifics in 1967.

The Unifics became known for hit songs such as “The Court of Love” and “The Beginning of My End.” The Unifics made appearances at noted venues including the Howard Theatre, the Apollo Theater, the Uptown Theater, Madison Square Garden, and the Copacabana.

After leaving the Unifics, Cook continued his entertainment career with the “Chilites,” the “Blue Notes,” and others. He lived out the last years of his life serving the community in various capacities including volunteer work at the Washington Hospital Rehab Center.

Cook is survived by his wife, children, grandchildren, extended family and friends, and associates. Funeral services will be held Saturday, July 22 at the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, 4901 16th Street in Northwest.

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  1. Greg had an exuberant personality, and he sang out of this world. My cousin, Michel Ward (Unific) and Greg were just like brothers. Al Johnson met Greg when they were teenagers. Al introduced Greg to my cousin, Guy Draper who is a songwriter, an executive producer. He wrote ” Sittin’ in the Court of Love and the Beginning of My End.” My father, Jubal Patterson took Greg under his wings. Greg told me his life would be pattern like my father. Jubal was the Unifics sound man and road manager; he speaks the words of the judge on the Unifics you tube video. I can hear Greg’s beautiful tenor voice singing with the Host of Angels. SING ON GREG, SING ON UNIFIC!!!

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