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(Bloomberg) – While U.S. unemployment has continued its downward trend, wage growth has remained elusive.

In fact, Labor Department figures show U.S. wages increased in the second quarter at the slowest pace on record. But if you happen to have one of the 20 jobs listed below, you’ve probably been bucking this trend.

According to a new report from careers website Glassdoor, these are the 20 jobs that have seen the highest pay increases over the past year. (The methodology used here is pretty simple, with a few qualifications such as a minimum of 500 salary submissions per job title on its website. The method includes base salary plus bonuses.)

Unsurprisingly perhaps, a lot of technology and finance-related jobs make the list, but there’s also a mix of roles outside those areas. Here’s what Glassdoor Chief Economist Andrew Chamberlain had to say:


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