In this May 21, 2013 file photo, a view of an iPhone in Washington showing the Twitter app, right, among others. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Stopped by the police? What if you knew your legal rights before being stopped by law enforcement officials? Well, there’s a way to get the “scoop” before you have such an encounter.

An app called “REYETS” (pronounced “rights”) will soon be released where your legal rights, across many jurisdictions, can be researched and downloaded to your smartphone or pad.

The Reyets app will give citizens access to legal rights by jurisdiction. Wa’il Ashshowaaf, CEO of The Reyets Fund and co-creator of the app, has been across the county researching the need for this civil rights app.

“Why has there been an increase in videos depicting police brutality or rights violations?” Ashshowaaf said. “We saw a high level of uncertainty and a feeling of helplessness among those who experienced a police stop.”

The REYETS app, available in three months, can now be accessed in a beta version for testing and feedback. Download the beta version of the app at: Also, participate in The Reyets Fund “meet up” groups to hear the latest on civil rights technology:

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