People inoculated with coronavirus vaccines were not only less likely to die from COVID-19, but also less likely to die from any cause in the months following the vaccination, according to a recent study.

A team of researchers wrote in a weekly report for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that those who’ve gotten any of the three government-approved vaccines “had lower non-COVID-19 mortality risk than did the unvaccinated comparison groups,” CNN reported.

The team monitored 6.4 million vaccinated people and compared them to 4.6 million who had received flu shots in recent years but hadn’t gotten the coronavirus vaccine. They eliminated anyone who died from the coronavirus or after a recent positive test.

The study’s findings showed that the non-coronavirus-related mortality rates were lower among vaccine recipients between December 2020 and July 2021 after weighing age, sex, race, ethnicity, and study site, CNN reported.

Stanley Xu, a researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research and Evaluation who led the team, told CNN that U.S.-approved coronavirus vaccines “have shown again and again to be safe.”

“In fact, it shows that people vaccinated for COVID-19 had lower death rates than those who were not vaccinated, even when COVID deaths were excluded,” Xu said, CNN reported. “That’s in addition to the mounting evidence from other studies showing that the COVID-19 vaccines are effective against COVID-19 infection, serious illness and death.”

As of Monday, roughly 191 million U.S. residents, or about 57% of the total population, are now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to CDC data.

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